Maka is a Soul Singer/songwriter based in Lagos, Nigeria, Known for her fluid fusion of genres like soul, hip hop, Jazz, and Rap. Her music influences date back to her childhood days in the choir with her mom.

With a background in Law, Maka is a full-time musician having shared stages with artists like Bez, Simi, Mi Casa among others, she’s graced the Felabration stage in Lagos and headlined her first solo concert in Abuja and Lagos in 2016 to launch her first EP “The Truth”.

To mark her 25th birthday Maka headlined a sold-out solo show in Lagos, She’s performed at the Lagos Jazz Series, Badagry Festival, and more. With pop-up shows lined up throughout the last quarter of 2017, Maka continues to grow and hone her skills as a performer.

In 2015, leveraging on new media as a tool for music promotion, Maka as an independent artist launched #Makaiscoming, this sparked conversation towards her first single, “Ife” produced by rapper/producer Eclipse. The media attention inspired the debut of her first 7 tracked EP “The Truth”. An introduction to her style of music synergy, the project produced by Teck-Zilla took Maka’s digital imprint upward marking features from platforms like MTVBase, TheSource, EarMilk, and more.

Her song “Good Time” a cult favorite from “The Truth” EP went on to feature as the official soundtrack to Jay Franklyn’s celebrated movie “Dinner”, showing off her songwriting side Maka wrote soundtracks to all ten episodes of season one of Ebony Life TV’s web series “Indigo”

In December 2017, in collaboration with producer BigFoot, Maka debuted a Christmas classic “Before Christmas” a merry love song that reminds us of her ability to fuse genres, as she sings over harmoniously to a clean synergy of Jazz, Reggae, and carol vibes reminiscent of classic Christmas music. She has been named among the top 5 artists to watch out for in 2018.

The five-tracked EP, “Love Songs and Alcohol” is the perfect blend of soul and Afropop created to lift the spirit of each listener.

1. Love Songs & Alcohol: I wrote this song with the vision of a couple staying in, enjoying each other’s company, listening to their favorite songs while sipping on some alcohol – nothing specific, could be wine, beer, or brandy.

2. Dance: The chorus was inspired by Whitney Houston’s “I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody” and I think it kinda explains itself. Everyone at some point wants to be with that person who loves them.

3. F.U.N: This song is all about keeping your relationship fun.

4. Drama: The character in this song realizes that being in bed stuck with feelings of self-pity and sadness takes one nowhere and finally decides to move forward.

5. Mr. Leverman: In this song, it is another story where she realizes that all she feels is love and doesn’t want to keep deceiving herself. She tells her love interest that even though they are broken up if he comes back, she would take him back with open arms as he is who she truly wants.